Megapolis Mod Apk v5.70 (Unlimited Money, Megabucks, Coins)

Megapolis Mod Apk v5.70 (Unlimited Money, Megabucks, Coins)

Megapolis is the most famous version in the Megapolis series of publisher Social Quantum Ltd

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Android Android 4.4 and up
Android Android Android 4.4 and up Strategy
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Unlimited Money, Megabucks, Coins
August 10, 2021
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Megapolis MOD APK is a very popular and entertaining game. Downloading the latest version for Android devices will make anyone want to do so. It allows you to build any city from scratch in just minutes with its infrastructure, such as roads and buildings, so there is no limit to your creativity.

This is one of the best games in this genre. There’s a lot you can control when playing it, so it’s very interesting as well as rewarding because we’ll complete achievements every time, we complete it.



Realistic and fun games are the most popular. When it comes to the many types there are, like strategy, arcade-style fighting, adventure, etc, some people prefer puzzles or simulations since they can relate to them better.

Megapolis has all the features players need to keep them entertained while playing with it on their smart phones. This is a very exciting opportunity because you can build your own city right before your eyes; there is no limit to what we’re capable of, which makes it very intriguing.

You can build houses, restaurants and cafes for your city. The buildings are so realistic because of 3D graphics that make them look more like the real thing.

What’s New

We have a new update for you. Build your transport hubs and increase the income they can generate. Using Ring Road collection buildings, you can assemble unique structures. We’ve also made a series of technical improvements to make your gameplay even more enjoyable. See it for yourself and be the first in line.

Megapolis MOD APK Features

Animation in 3D

The graphics in this game are so realistic that you can feel good just by playing it on your smartphone or tablet. There is a lot of complexity in the architecture, which makes for an amazing experience.

Money with no Limits

In Megapolis MOD, you have access to unlimited money, as well as a large variety of items that can be purchased. There’s no need to pay for it since it’s a free download.

Realistic Buildings and Monuments

Build many well-known buildings and landmarks that look exactly like their real-world counterparts.

Build skyscrapers, parks, and choose monuments to add to your skyline. You must build a bridge to connect your districts and place buildings strategically to keep the taxes flowing.

Developing City Infrastructure

Create the most exciting transport hub in history with Megapolis. Create an airport with aircraft, train stations for passengers and cargo trains across Europe, and a Ring Street around your town so that vehicles can enter from any direction.

Unique Tasks

You will be able to play new missions and make your own architecture as you go through this game. You can also ally with neighbors in order for the perfect city, or challenge others online.

Use Different Architectures

Architectural Toolbox is a tool for building buildings in the game. With it, you can build airports, roads, offices, and schools while also giving each a unique look based on the template.

Build an Industrial Complex

Create your own manufacturing system strategy within the industrial simulator. Construct factories that extract oil from crude or refine gasoline into diesel on site by gathering and processing assets.

Participate in Contests

Get as many points as you can in the weekly contest so you can climb League rankings, then do well in seasonal events to get even more useful rewards.


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Megapolis MOD APK Gameplay

Imagine a world where you can define your own rules and be the architect of what is possible. This is exactly why I want to build an entire city in this game. I see all these quest icons on my left side when I first start out.

they look important, so don’t ignore them at first glance, since they will lead me through some cool challenges with awesome rewards.

The buildings in this game are diverse. Your population will increase gradually as you progress through the game, and they will be important in some way for building a society. If players work hard at building better cities, they can earn points that give bonuses such as +1 happiness for every day they work.

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Megapolis MOD APK FAQ’s

  1. How to get unlimited money in Megapolis MOD APK?

    The free Unlimited Megabucks mod for Minecraft will make you rich in no time. Using this cash from without, you can purchase anything at any store.

  2. Is rooting my device necessary to play this game?

    The Megapolis mod APK file runs perfectly even on non-rooted devices. Your device’s software is not at fault and can be easily fixed by following our simple guide.

  3. Does the mod APK file harm my phone?

    The wrong app can do a lot more harm than you think. If possible, always check to see where the APK file is hosted before downloading anything onto your device from an unknown source.

  4. The size of the APK file is what?

    The APK file is around 97 MB in size; it will take your phone or tablet’s processor, graphics card, and memory chipsets up to 10 minutes to download; it also includes all the original data files from Google Play.


Megalopolis mod offers plenty of opportunities for growth. Create stages to open new areas and make your city infrastructure shine. It feels like players have control over whether it will be a land-based experience or a water-based experience, and how much time and energy it will require from them.

The combination of cutting-edge graphics with the latest technology to create the most realistic gaming experience ever. In this game, you can build your own metropolis and create landmarks from scratch or re-enact famous events in history like when The Eiffel Tower was damaged by an earthquake.

We have a new update for you. Build your transport hubs and increase the income they can generate. Using Ring Road collection buildings, you can assemble unique structures. We’ve also made a series of technical improvements to make your gameplay even more enjoyable. See it for yourself and be the first in line.


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