Traffic Rider MOD latest 1.70 Android APK Download

Traffic Rider MOD latest 1.70 Android APK Download

December 14, 2021

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Android 5.0 and up
Android Android 5.0 and up Racing
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Unlimited Money/Gold
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Description Traffic Rider MOD latest 1.70 Android APK Download

You are a motorcyclist in Los Angeles. Traffic Rider MOD APK is one of the many motorcycle racing games for Android developed by SK Games. Traffic Rider’s graphics and sound effects will transport you into an entirely new world. Your objective is to race at high speeds against other cars. Avoid collisions and running out of fuel during each level.


Motorcycles are not only a good way to commute, but they are also an exciting hobby. The game offers 26 motorcycles for players who love this type of vehicle and want more than just riding around town. You can acquire any bike once you complete missions in-game.




Traffic Rider is an innovative, high-quality racing game you’ll never forget. The user interface and music of this title are both particularly unique. This makes the gameplay easier for players who may be unfamiliar with this type of game, but it also gives them a whole new experience.


You can ride your bike on beautiful roads like the highway and see how fast it goes. But be careful because other vehicles also have a lot of potential to hurt us if they’re not paying attention. The bikes can be upgraded to help defeat missions faster with better bikes. Take advantage before it’s too late.


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What’s New

Motorbikes The latest addition to the Trailhead line has just arrived. It is equipped with a powerful air-cooled motor and a shaft-driven transmission for increased torque and smooth performance. As well as smooth suspension that allows you to do wheelies and earn more points. Take advantage of this fun little machine by downloading wheelie bikes now from App Store (iOS) and Google Play Store (Android).


You can increase your score by riding faster. Two-way traffic can be used to earn extra points and cash by overtaking cars closely.


Traffic Rider MOD Features


Full-Screen Camera View

In the game, you can select multiple camera views to enjoy a unique experience. Seeing everything in first-person makes you feel like you’re on top of the action and makes every shot easier. If the third person suits you better, try it out. Improve your observation skills while playing the game realistically.


Easy Bike Riding

You can enjoy biking with traffic rider hack apk. It has cool competition options that will make you feel like a pro in no time. You can race against other players and restore lost races as well.


Different Modes

Traffic Rider Apk Mod offers both night and day modes, which can be changed at any time. That’s one of its best features.

It’s all about speed and excitement in this game. You can purchase premium items with real money to unlock new bikes, outfits, or even customize your character.


Play a Game in 19 Languages

This new game is a great interactive way to learn languages. You can translate pages from your native language into English and play the instructions using just one translation. You can choose from 19 different default languages. You should read these rules in that particular tongue before playing with others.


Customize your Bike

Moreover, players can customize their favorite ride with many useful features. Engines and exhausts can be upgraded for more power or sleek design elements added. The tires on this vehicle are better fitted to handling sharper turns on roads made of different materials. This makes the vehicle even more unique.


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Traffic Rider MOD APK Gameplay


APK Traffic Rider MOD is a game of speed and skill that tests your racing skills.

Can you cross this highway without passing traffic first?

Things can get complicated quickly when cars compete for position or trucks cross into lanes.

A newbie doesn’t have too much to worry about. Just pick one of the 10 default bikes and get started.

You’ll need coins for parts, but other than that it should be easy.

Enjoy this classic board game with friends and family. The game lets you practice racing by changing between modes. This game is ideal for a beginner or a kid who wants to learn how to rock their car skills on tracks of any length.


Version History of Android 1 Traffic Rider Game



Traffic Rider MOD FAQ’s


  1. Which motorcycles and missions are in Mod APK?

    There are 29 bikes and 70+ missions to complete in this game. To achieve the score in this video, you must improve your gameplay. After a few days of playing these levels, the number of wins increased.

  2. What is gold used for in Traffic Rider?

    The more you race, the better your chances of winning are. You use your winnings to unlock new bikes.

  3. What is MOD Traffic Rider APK  ?

    In this amazing 3D racing game, you must avoid colliding with other vehicles as you reach some crazy top speeds. You have a powerful engine and an extremely lightweight bike. It can fulfill your wildest dreams.

  4. Is Traffic Rider free or paid?

    It’s free to install and play but comes with premium features. There is an ad banner at the bottom of every screen which you can remove by paying or turning off your mobile device’s cookie settings.


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Traffic Rider Apk Download has everything from amazing graphics, unlockable in each level of play that is sure not to disappoint anyone looking for a good challenge.


You’ll love this free version of Traffic Rider if you like racing games. Real bike sounds and high-quality graphics will make your heart race. Also, we are giving away a fully functioning copy of our app without any strings attached, so go ahead and download it now. You can share this on social media to invite some friends to play together in their own infinite traffic ride adventure together. It has everything from great graphics to unlockable items at every level, so you won’t be disappointed.

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